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About Harley Hettick

Harley Hettick is one of Montana's most well-known photographers and twice nominated for Pulitzer Prizes. Harley specialized in photojournalism and made photographing wildlife one of his hobbies. From 1962 to 1968 Harley did freelance work, and in 1968 he began working for the Missoulian as a staff photographer. He also did work for the State Travel Department photographing various subjects of interest to tourists. 


Harley was born in 1942 and currently resides in Dixon, Montana surrounded by family and countless friends. Harley married his wife, Joey in 1987, and together they own and operate Dixon Melons as well as many other ventures. Although he is known for his farming and photography, he is defined mostly as father, husband, grandpa, brother, and friend. 

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